We make delivery standing seam  metal panels for your needs 1”. 1-1/2” up to 24 ga
You can order  from us flashings, starters, j-trims , we can make and delivery on your site , by your drawings.

The product for sheet metal working in roofing applications

GreenCoat FAP Pro BT

GreenCoat FAP Pro BT withstands tough working in workshops as well as on roofs.

GreenCoat FAP Pro BT is an excellent product for sheet metal working and as a flat sheet supplement for buildings in applications such as roofing elements, window fittings, roof edges and similar uses. 

Zinc roofs have been used in Europe, US and Canada for over a hundred years.

However, zinc roofs have low plasticity, which requires roofers to have extensive experience and knowledge of technological nicety to make the zinc roof usable and durable. For the convenience of roofing roofs with zinc-titanium were invented in the 1960s. This material has deservedly occupied its niche in the roofing market, because it has many advantages, one of which is a long service life.

Lock forming machine for standing seam roof.

The lock forming machine for standing seam roof is the choice of buyers, who value the aesthetic part of the business and their time. Without the use of modern equipment it is impossible to achieve high performance. For the manufacture of classic standing seam roof panels, the use of the machine has several advantages over buying ready-made panels. Our machine has weight of 180 kg and is easy to deliver to any location. There is an opportunity to make panels of any size and exactly as much as needed. A lock forming machine rolls sheets of the type male-male / female -female seams.