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A standing seam metal roof is a complicated style of roofing. Installing a metal roof is a difficult process with many important details. The wrong installation can result in leaking, lifespan reduction and potentially harm the entire investment. 

The high price of installation will attract many installers with no experience and with no certification. Ideal Roof is certified by VM ZINC, KME Germany, and our installers are working in this trade for over fifteen years. When installing your metal roof,  the details are very important because if done wrong it can be almost impossible to fix. The steel in the metal roof will make the lifespan up to fifty years if done properly. - Roof installation in Toronto and GTA
Another nice Standing seam metal roof in Great Toronto aria done in  SSAB green coat

Leaking is probably the most common problem with a standing seam metal roof. But, metal panels don’t leak, usually, the wrong way installation or screw through panels will cause a metal roof leak. Some of the most common reasons for leaking is poor installation, use open fasteners, and rely on caulking... Flashing is a transitional material providing a watertight seal between roofing materials and roof sections. Improper connection and incorrect sealing of the flashing allow water to enter the roof structure and between the roofing systems.

Your best defense against metal roof installation mistakes is an experienced and reliable installation crew such as Ideal Roof. Why Ideal Roof? specializes in and only in standing seam metal roof, and sheet metal work installation in Toronto and GTA. - Roof installation in Toronto and GTA
Another nice Standing seam metal roof in Great Toronto aria done in  SSAB green coat

For customers who value quality over quantity, Ideal Roof uses SSAB GreenCoat which is a brand new innovative, sustainable color coated steel solution for standing seam roofs, façades, and rainwater systems. GreenCoat also makes the surface stay cooler and longer than regular coated surfaces. This product helps to save energy and increases thermal comfort. Also, GreenCoat is the only and one of the best coating on the market with high bio-renewable content. GreenCoat products can be effortlessly pressed, cut, bent, punched, and profiled. All GreenCoat products come with guaranteed performance and endurance. In Canadian harsh climate, SSAB steel will be the best protection for your roof.

Sample wrong installation standing seam metal roof exposed fasteners

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