Copper Roofs have many advantages that other roofs made from other materials don't have. Copper roofs are artwork, and Ideal Roof can perform this art with superior workmanship. Ideal Roof can accomplish any level of copper roof work in Toronto and GTA. How will you know if the roofing company you hired can finish your project with high-quality work? Usually, you will see pictures showing only the final results but we are not shy to show our progress and details in high resolution, showing the highest level of coppersmiths. Please visit our gallery

Let's take a look if a copper roof is right for you. 


Copper Roofs can last up to 50 years and even more with regular maintenance and repairs. Copper is tremendously resistant to any kind of weather including hail, fire, and more. 

Curb Appeal

A copper roof is the most appealing of all the metal roof choices. This material has a sleek and modern look. Over time a green-blue patina hue settles into the copper giving the metal a distinctive look. Those colors can give your building an attractive look. The patina also stops the roof from rusting and further corrosion. 

Copper is a reliable and durable material from which pitched roofs have been made for a long time. Copper roofing can be seen today on the roofs of both historical and modern public buildings, as well as on private houses and cottages. The beauty and practicality of copper has made it one of the most elite roofing materials.

Copper roof flashing