Copper is a reliable and durable material from which pitched roofs have been made for a long time. Copper roofing can be seen today on the roofs of both historical and modern public buildings, as well as on private houses and cottages. The beauty and practicality of copper has made it one of the most elite roofing materials.

Copper roof flashing

Copper roofs are an elite roof that will serve you for many centuries

Copper, from time immemorial, was considered an ideal material, durable, and beautiful in appearance. A copper roof is an excellent solution for your home today too. It is an elite material that will cause pride in their owners, and cause envy from the other people.

Copper is a very attractive and durable material due to its chemical and mechanical properties. This metal covers itself into a protective layer – patina; also, the average service life, which has a roof made of copper, is from 100 years or more. The appearance of the copper is absolutely unique and attracts the eye; so, copper’s a unique yellowness with a pinkish tinge glitters in the sun in a special way and plays with every its ray.

A copper roof can be subjected to special treatment, the so-called artificial aging, which will allow not to wait 10 years.

Copper roofs and their main types

There are several basic types that copper roofs can be:

  • Seam roof;
  • Checker;
  • Tiled.

Copper roofs of seam type are the most common and in demand. This type of roofs ensures absolute tightness and without leakage. Also, it is the most optimal option for roofs with a slight slope of skates. The seam lock is quite simple from the technological side because has a butt joint. Copper for roofing is supplied in rolls with a width of up to 3 meters, a length of up to 6 meters, and a thickness of 0.8 mm.

Quite popular is the metal shingles from copper, which looks very prestigious and expensive. Copper checkers differ from the shingles in shape and manner of installation. They are produced in the form of rhombs or trapezoids with special locks, which significantly make easier the installation process, making it similar to the assembly of a constructor. Moreover, such a roof is reliable and ensures the integrity of the structure. The raw materials must be chosen with the utmost care and be best to entrust this prosses to specialists. As copper roofs are very expensive for those who wish to save money, they should dwell on other materials and types of roofing.

Copper sheets for roofing

Advantages and disadvantages of copper roofs

In addition to the high cost, which is a very relative disadvantage, the copper roof has a high thermal conductivity. Thus, on hot summer days, the copper roof will quickly heat up, and, in winter, on the contrary, freeze. But in combination with the correct thermal insulation, this type of roof will serve a long time.

Copper, as well as other kinds of sheet metal, conduct a good sound and if you do not want to listen to the distinct drumbeat of the rain, you need to take care of the sound insulation, for which are produced several special materials.

The advantages of a copper roof

  • service life up to 200 years;
  • ease of installation;
  • attractive appearance;
  • universality;
  • small own weight and load on the structure of the roof and the building as a whole;
  • simple maintenance;
  • the naturalness of materials.

Of course, it is worthwhile to correctly correlate your financial capabilities with the type of structure roof. It is not advisable to make a copper roof for a summer gazebo. But on a good house such a roofing will look good and will last a long time.

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