Gutter systems are very important and our experience and knowledge will work to your advantage. As you can see, our gutters are protected from ice by snow guard systems, and if possible they are installed below the line of sliding ice.

Gutter systems

Gutters and its main types, purchase and installation

Gutters and drainage systems are an integral part of any roof and their choice and installation must be treated with a special responsibility and qualified professionals, such as staff in our company.

When choosing a gutter or downspout, it is necessary to consider several parameters, among which:

  • the material of manufacture;
  • design dimensions;
  • ease of installation;
  • cost;
  • operation period;
  • warranty.

The purpose of the gutter downspout is obvious; it is a drainage of rain and meltwater from roofs of buildings, and keep walls, basement, a foundation in dry and purity.

What to look for when choosing gutters.

The size of a drain is the diameters of pipes and gutters. The offered assortment is wide enough and includes diameters from 50 to 200mm. Diameter is an important parameter on which depends the system capacity and water flow rate. Engineering calculations that precede the purchase of a drainage system must consider both the type of roof and the location of the house, the climatic conditions of the region and several other parameters.

The geometric shape of the drainage cross-section can be:

  • round;
  • oval;
  • rectangular.

Rain gutters and downspout drainage

The choice should be made not only based on visual beauty, but also on the geometry of the building, various protrusions, and hollows, as well as other elements of the exterior. The price is playing not the least role. It depends on the manufacturer's firm, the materials used and the coating.

Which material to choose for gutters

There are no definitive recommendations on which better to choose the material of downspout. It can be metal or plastic. Each of the materials has both advantages and disadvantages.

The metal gutter system is classic; so, it does not become obsolete, relevant at all times and suitable for all types of buildings and roofing. In this case, the choice of possible types of metal is quite wide:

  • steel;
  • copper;
  • titanium-zinc;
  • aluminum.

Steel gutters have a polymer coating on one or two sides, which provides reliable protection against corrosion and mechanical damage. Copper drainage systems are one of the most reliable and can be used for decades without loss of quality and properties. This metal looks very impressive and will be an effective element of the facade of a respectable mansion.

Copper is a soft and ductile metal, from which it is possible to obtain gutters of various shapes. However, the cost of copper is very high, in comparison with other options.

Titanium-zinc has a very high strength. However, soldering is necessary to connect the structural elements.

The aluminum drainage system is used rarely, its advantages are lightness, a large choice of designs and colors, and the service life up to 70 years.

The PVC drainage system is a versatile and inexpensive option. This is a mass segment with a huge assortment, including the entire range of diameters and geometric shapes. Such systems are made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride, which has good strength, absolutely does not subject to corrosion processes and exposure to aggressive environments, high and low ambient temperatures.

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