Standing seam roofs are one of the most ancient, and at the same time, reliable, high-quality and progressive types of roofing made of metal. This technology guarantees perfect sealing of the roof.

The technology of fastening and laying the folded pattern ensures that there is no leakage and no holes in the roofing material.

Black steel roof with standing seam

Reliable steel roof with a standing seam

Metal roofs have several advantages over other types of roofing and be an ideal combination of high quality and performance characteristics with their cost. We offer steel roof with a standing seam, which look very nice and will serve you for decades. Metal roofs and their types

Varieties of steel roofing can be classified into the main groups:

  • flat roofs;
  • profiled sheeting with a variety of profile shapes;
  • sheets with a polymer coating

Fact! Previously, the main way to protect the metal from corrosion was the choice of stainless steel grades, as well as galvanizing sheets in a special solution. Today, the most optimal technology has been the application of a protective layer of polymers.

Nevertheless, galvanized steel also continues to be in demand, and standing seam roofs from it serve for 2-3 decades. The steel sheets are supplying with a length of up to 3 m, a width of up to 1.25 m and a thickness of 0.5-0.8 mm. In this case, hot-dip galvanizing is more preferable and durable.

Careful transportation and quality installation are key, as damage to the zinc coating inevitably leads to corrosion. Staining can be used as a method of additional protection.

The most common are steel roof with a standing seam. Although there are other types, such as metal roofs from profiled sheets obtained by cold rolling. The shape of the profiled section can be almost any type: undulating, trapezoidal, rectangular. Or a tile made of metal that looks nice, but has lower performance parameters.

Standing seam metal roof panels

Durability of the steel roofing

The most reliable type of steel roof is standing seam metal roof. This type has a number of advantages, which causes its popularity. First, a standing seam provides maximum protection against leakage, hence longer service life. Secondly, standing seam roof panels do not require holes for fixation, which also can’t be the cause for the flowing or rusting of the metal. Thirdly, it is lightweight roofing construction, which does not require reinforcement of walls and foundation. Fourthly, fast installation.

A steel roof with a standing seam also has several disadvantages. But in comparison with the advantages they do not matter much. Such roofs are smooth, which means that snow falls easily from them in winter. Also, this type of construction is not designed for a large mechanical load, which can deform it when heavy items fall on it. And then, metal panels can accumulate static electricity, which is unsafe during a thunderstorm. But this disadvantage is solved through the usual grounding of your home.

Standing seam

The technology of installing standing seam metal roof is quite simple, but it requires skills and a specialized tool. If you are thinking about installing this type of coverage yourself, you may have problems and overhead expenses. There is a possibility of breaking the geometricity of the standing seam or damaging the protective layer. Therefore it will be cheaper to order the installation of such a roof from a professional.

We offer a low cost steel roof with a standing seam. You can be confident in our competence. In the portfolio page you can see examples of our works and make sure that we make beautiful and reliable roofs.

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