Ideal Roof specializes in zinc/copper/steel roof standing seam, and metal panels installation on commercial and residential buildings. We are located in Toronto, Ontario.

We provide supply and installation standing seam copper, zinc, steel roofs all over Ontario.

We are certified by VMZinc Canada. Ideal Roof provides sheet metal work with high-quality workmanship. If you're thinking of having a facade or a standing seam metal roof on your home or building you should take a look into zinc.

Zinc is a unique metal. It is soft when it’s warm, and stiff when it’s cold outside. Zinc facade or roofs will stay up to 150 years without a problem when properly installed.

Here are some benefits of having a zinc roof/facade:

  1. It has a long lifetime, and has an aesthetic look and can self-heal.
  2. It is environmentally friendly since it’s a recyclable material and recycled zinc can conserve at least 95% of the initial energy content.
  3. Zinc has low toxicity levels, has a low toxic run-off, and is non-corrosive metal with a 100% clear water runoff.
  4. Zinc is malleable and sturdy. This type of metal can be formed easily into different kinds of shapes.
  5. Zinc is less expensive to transport since the materials used for zinc roofing are very lightweight and this makes transportation cheaper and easier. It will also last long if properly installed.

To work with zinc we need to be accurate, and use knowledge Standing seam zinc wall panels.

Toronto zinc cladding 1mm zinc wall panels installed by ideal roof on MTO new building on HWY 400 and Finch ave, brings modern European look, to this commercial building.

This zinc wall will stand the harsh Canadian climate for a long time. (Picture ) This Zinc facade will stay centuries and get better with time.

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